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Rules for Contributing

Read before submitting!


Joining the Group: Anyone may join our group, but keep in mind we are a group based off of an online forum: MLP Forums. Ideally, checking out our forum and even joining it first is preferable to someone just joining this group for the hell of it :)

The group is open to all, everyone can join this group. You now no longer need a MLP Forums username to join.

:bulletred: All submissions must be your own, and all characters and/or themes must relate to My Little Pony.

:bulletorange: No pony creator images.

:bulletyellow: Submissions must be suitable for all audiences, with a maximum rating of PG-13.

:bulletgreen: Photos of images (such as craft-works and the like) must be your own work (limit number of pictures per object to prevent 100 shots from different angles.)

:bulletblue: No screenshots of images or advertising material allowed.

:bulletpurple: Artwork must be completely original, with the exception of vectors. (no memes/shoddy image edits/gifs).


When contributing art to this group we simply ask that you contribute to the appropriate folder for your art. They are all fairly self-explanatory.

FEATURED - This folder will have a single image showcasing an artist's best artwork. (Staff picked)

MANE SIX AND SPIKE - Pretty self explanatory here.

STARLIGHT GLIMMER - Villian turned friend, all Starlight artwork goes here. Evil or not.

PRINCESSES - Princess include Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and any other new princess that may appear in the future. This does not include Twilight if she is by herself.

CMC - Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed.

PONIVERSE MASCOTS - Any artworks containing: Pixel Wavelength, Buffy, Viola, Viridian Meadows, Nova Blast, Wordplay, and Feldicorn goes in here. Info on the mascots can be found here

VILLAINS - This also includes antagonists from both the MLP: FiM and MLP: EG universe.

BACKGROUND CHARACTERS - Includes any pony that appears in the background of the show or even a short appearance.

OC AND CROSSOVERS - As the folder suggests, this is where OCs go, as well as crossovers.

GROUP PICTURES - If the picture contains a character from 2 or more folders, it goes here.

WALLPAPER - Self Explanatory, any picture that's meant to be used as a background. We accept all types of wallpapers, from ones that are made for phones to desktop backgrounds.

COMICS - Basically any artwork that has two or more panels telling a story, simple as that.

PROSE AND POETRY - For any form of literature, poems to fanfics. But please follow our PG-13 rule.

RESOURCES - From Steam to Rainlendar themes, anything that assists with a program is welcome.

COSPLAY - Another pretty self explanatory folder. We love to receive all kinds of cosplay pictures. Please send them when you see them!

EQUESTRIA GIRLS - Any character from either the three movies, no ponified characters allowed. More info here

Thanks for reading, we can't wait to see your art!

ILM126 (Treble Sketch) is the official deviantART PR for Poniverse, MLP Forums Profile.

And if the forums appears to be down, you can check here for the status of the forum and all other Poniverse Sites.


The official deviantART group of MLP Forums, a large and active My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic community. This group is a place for the site's artists to share and archive their creative works.




Gallery Folders

You're Welcome [Commission] by TrebleSketchOfficial
Arrival by piepon
{Custom Commission} - Star Guard [Edit] by Amura-Of-Jupiter
ATG Day 19: Pony Burning Out by TallaFerroXIV
Twilight Sparkle
The Most Beautiful Song Cover [COM] by EnigmaticWisp
Twi by limchph2
The landscape is infinite! by mirroredsea
Twilight Sparkle by Setharu
Title by mirroredsea
Gift by Nemo2D
Brushing by mirroredsea
Weightless by mirroredsea
Rarity V3 Puppet Rig By Kcizsckiee (RE-UPLOAD) by JonnySel007
RarWake by FlutterDaz
A Pouty Marshmallow by kuren247
Sweet artist dream by Katakiuchi4U
Pinkie Pie
Punpunkiepie by mirroredsea
Sweet candy by SelestLight
(Remake) Cute But Creepy Pinky by kuren247
An interesting experiment by Katakiuchi4U
Applechick by mirroredsea
Applejack by FullmoonDagger
Boys will be boys (MLP IRL Photo Commission) by JonnySel007
(B+W) Boys will be boys (MLP IRL Photo Commission) by JonnySel007
Rainbow Dash
This Bright Flash by mirroredsea
RainbowPortraitSketch by mirroredsea
To the sky by Pillonchou
Rainbow Dash mittens by Rocket-Punk
Starlight Glimmer
Too sick to practice magic by daimando
The Mer Glim Glam by daimando
Starlight Glimmer by mirroredsea
Happy birthday, Kelly Sheridan! by Katakiuchi4U
Royal holidays by Lunar-White-Wolf
Celies in the sky by Katakiuchi4U
:3 by Setharu
The Princesses of Day and Night by TheDarkSatanicorn
Background characters
Something in the way she moves by Katakiuchi4U
OC's and Crossovers
[FoEPH] Tender Moment by Setharu
Pandage by mirroredsea
Poniverse Mascots
-Draw it Again- .: Poniverse's Pixel Wavelengh :. by AetherTwii
Under Our Spell by SarahMyriaCarter
Bright Mac and Pear Butter by Ruby-Dusk
The Pony Ballerina and the Lamp Solider by Pony4Koma
Group Pictures
Love under Rain by MultRaven94
Equestria Girls
[Commission] - Shimmershy summer camp by Katakiuchi4U
free icon base -Beat- by katze-des-grauens
Swag by RainbowShine94
DerpEx by Mirroredsea

Go check his art out here => :iconmirroredsea:

Good afternoon, everypony! Well our last Q&A with our very own Lady Kiriness went simply splendidly, and as promised at the end of it, I am already happy to announce our next Q&A guest. Fillies and gentlecolts, I am incredibly happy to announce that our next Q&A guest will be none other than MLP fan artist Mirroredsea!!!

Now, many of you may not be familiar with the name, and that's perfectly alright and understandable if you're not.  You see, Mirroredsea has only been actively posting art in the fandom for a little over a month, but he is already making a big splash simply because, to be perfectly honest, his art is absolutely gorgeous! Mirroredsea displays talent and skill which few artists except for some of the very best and well-known ones in the fandom have displayed from their earliest days of posting in the fandom, and it has been exciting to see not only how beautiful his art already is, but that he's continuing to improve as well. We're very thrilled for one that we were able to land such a great artist for a Q&A like this so early into his time as an active fan artist within the fandom, especially considering it's increasingly rare these days to see exciting new artists emerge within the fandom. He's been incredibly gracious and humble in our reaching out to him and getting this setup, and is very excited for the Q&A itself! In fact, he may even have a fun little activity in store for all of you prior to the Q&A, which will be announced later should getting it set up work itself out (though I can make no promises, that will largely depend on his own discretion).

But for the time being, mark your calendars, because, on Saturday, June 24 at 7 PM EST, Mirroredsea will be available for 2-3 hours to take and answer your questions! Trust me when I say that you won't want to miss out on this one; not only is mirroredsea a phenomenal artist, but he is also an extremely nice fellow and I think many of you will enjoy having the chance to get to know him for that alone. Aspiring artists should also definitely check out this Q&A if they'd like some great tips on how to improve their craft!

If you'd like to get to know a little bit more about mirroredsea before the Q&A, you can visit either his DeviantArt or MLP Forums profile here and here. I would also highly recommend you peruse as much of his art in his DeviantArt gallery as you possibly can, and below you'll find just a small sample of some of the truly stunning pieces he's already produced! That's all for now, everypony, have a wonderful rest of your day! :muffins:

Lunaaa by Mirroredsea

smol Daybreaker by Mirroredsea

Starlight Glimmer by Mirroredsea

Carnival by Mirroredsea

Originally written by Batbrony | 2017/06/13 06:01am (UTC+9:30, ILM126's local time)
Posted/edited by ILM126 (Treble Sketch, Poniverse deviantART PR/Recruitment HR)

Poniverse is a super-community that operates multiple brony fan sites including MLP Forums,,, PoniArcade, and our upcoming site, PonyRoleplay!  With everything from the biggest pony forum on the internet to a music streaming service, Poniverse offers a little something for everypony all from a single account.  Find out more by visiting us today:
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The official deviantART group of MLP Forums, a large and active My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic community with over 30,000 members! This group is a place for the site's artists to share and archive their creative works.
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