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NCMares' deviantART profile => :iconncmares:

Good evening everypony!! With Season 6 just wrapping up and Halloween/Nightmare Night right around the corner, we at Poniverse figured that a very special guest for our next Fandom Q&A would be in order.  With that said, it is my pleasure to announce that none other than NCMares will be joining us this Sunday, October 30th, at 8 P.M. EST for our Nightmare Night Q&A!!! Most of you I'm guessing already know who NCMares is, but for those few who may not, he's one of the best artists in the fandom, a longtime con attendee, and (speaking from getting to personally meet him myself at BronyCon this summer) a really nice guy all around! Whether or not you're an artist or aspiring artist in the fandom yourself, this is going to be a Q&A you won't want to miss out on! :muffins:

You can check out all of NCMares' work by clicking on the icon above, which will take you to his deviantArt profile, but below you'll find just a sample of his amazing work! So please, stop on by this Sunday to chat with a really cool dude and wonderful artist about whatever's on your mind, should be a fun time for all!!! :D

Serenity by NCMares

Rares by NCMares

Surprise Party Cannon by NCMares

Wonderbolt Hoodie by NCMares

Originally written by Batbrony | 2016/10/26 12:36 PM (UTC+10:30, ILM126's local time)
Posted/edited by ILM126 (Treble Sketch, Poniverse deviantART PR)

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October 29, 2016